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Posted on September 6, 2023 by Elroy Bicking

Talk about residing in turbulent times! Perhaps you have noticed the way the US currency markets has been going for a beating lately?

In the event that you wanted a good example of a genuine yo-yo market, you merely need have followed the Dow Jones during the last few weeks which is a perfect example. Not that the Nasdaq was carrying out much better either!

With all of this motion, it’s almost as though the marketplace is desperately trying to determine a trend, however, not quite settling into one.

Whenever this happens, our advice to any would be investor is to resist any temptations to jump directly into make an instant kill, as the technical signals look like relatively inconsistent and aren't reliably leaning in a single direction or another.

This is an average sign that the marketplace is within a yo-yo trading mode, with gains that are created in a single week being returned the following. That is a pricey way to find out about market volatility.

It would appear that most of the smart money is not convinced that underneath is set up and for that reason will not see an chance to buy good stocks cheap at this time.

Meanwhile there is certainly lots of sound via market experts and other would be “experts” on what stocks to buy and just why, with most of them having conflicting views on what the marketplace is doing at this time.

The market’s too unstable at this time and some properly decent stocks are receiving swept up in the overall turbulence. Let things negotiate just a little better before you even start to take into account diving in.